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(Last Updated On: May 27, 2017)

Hello beautiful Afrika Burners!!

My name is Kimmie, and I was one of those paparazzi out on the Binnekring trying my best to capture you all and your amazing outfits, smiles, and good vibes. I think I captured some pretty incredible moments throughout the week and now it is finally time to share them with you!!

So I took over 1600 photos over the week, most of which I am still sifting through. But this is at least a pretty good start (I will be adding more as I go)! I usually try to re-order my photo journals so they look a bit more cohesive, but I pretty much left these in chronological order so (1) they would be easier to find and (2) because that would have taken me weeks haha.

Please mind the slow page speed – there are so many images on here that they might take a minute to load. But I think it will be worth it! I’ve shrunk the images down a bit so if you want one in high quality please let me know. Send me a screenshot and an email address/facebook and I will get to it as soon as I can!

Note that a lot of these are also available on my Facebook Album for you to grab also.

These photos are my gift so take and use them as you wish; it would however be amazing if you could credit me because I am trying to grow my blog 🙂 (if not no worries!) I am on instagram as @kimmconn , Facebook at Adventures & Sunsets, and of course here at adventuresnsunsets.com.

Cheers everyone and thanks for making my burn the best week of my life!

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