Funky Festival Outfits: The 10 Best Festival Clothes Brands for Girls

Funky Festival Outfits: The 10 Best Festival Clothes Brands for Girls

Festival clothes are always in fashion, whether you live in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern. It’s always festival season somewhere, which is why festival outfits are always going to be needed for fun summer music festivals in the grass, trees, beach, or city. If you know me, you know I like to get a little a lot funky with my festival fashion, with crazy colors, wigs, sparkles, colorful tights, fishnets, fun boots, silly glasses, goggles, netting, leotards and…. well, now I’m getting carried away.

Festival outfits are one of my very favorite ways to get creative, and mix and match different pieces with things from garage sales, different outfits with items I made myself, and make it as colorful and weird as possible. Expressing your true self through dressing up is one of the most fun things in the world, especially when you get to eat, drink and dance to awesome music and look at cool art with your friends at a music festival. And you must think so too if you’ve ended up here!

There’s something about dressing up in festival outfits and crazy clothes that makes you feel like you can be whoever you want to be. It’s like putting on a wig and an alien costume transforms you in to an entirely different, hilariously awesome person, and once you get addicted there will be no going back. This festival outfits guide will bring you the best clothing brands to the fun and funky aspect of festival clothing – for the most colorful, fun, glitzy and sequinned festival fairies out there who like to go all out (like me!). For more boho festivals… check elsewhere 😉

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The best festival clothing brands for fun + funky festival outfits all over the world

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The Best Brands for Funky Music Festival Outfits

Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing, or PLT, is an amazing multi-faceted clothing brand with outfits, accessories, and items for absolutely every occasion – fancy dress, swimming, winter season, you name it. BUT, they do have a strong festival line that has some killer festival outfits and bling for your next festie.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is a well-known and loved American clothing brand that also has some awesome festival classics. You’ll find lots of pieces and accessories on their website that woukd be perfect to add to your festival outfits. You’ll find strappy leather, furry coats, shiny leotards, and super-fun accessories that will as the perfect designer touch to any festival outfit.

Shop Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger’s tagline is ‘dress like every day is a festival’ and it couldn’t be more true! All their stuff it glitzy, glamorous, sequinned, and badass at the same time. Think, sequinned high waisted bottoms with matching tops, everything adorned with fur, disco queen looks, platform boots, gypsy queen looks, all of gems, and more.


Asos has a fantastic festival aspect to their multi-faceted and incredible online arsenal of a shop. In the festival section you can find cute crops, spandexy shorts, mesh, sequins, and all that fun stuff you can use to create even more fun festival outfits. Browse away, there are dozens and dozens of items and some super cool shoes too!

The best thing about ASOS festival outfits is that they have an entire epic line for men’s festival fashion as well. They have awesome party shirts, sequinned button ups, fun patterns, shorts, and rompers (yes, male romers/playsuits!) and more!

Tibbs & Bones

Based in Melbourne and at the forefront of the bush doof fashion culture, you have Tibbs & Bones. Kitted out in fun, wierd, and wonderful clothing and accessories, you’ll be spoilt for choice trying to pick your next festival outfits from here. They may be based in Australia, but they ship worldwide!


Zaful is known for being a reliable and cheap online clothing  store – not necessarily having the BEST made products, but totally over par for how much they cost. I have had Zaful swim suits for years that cost me $13, and you can’t really complain about that.

Zaful is another one of those online shops that sells absolutely anything you could need, and at a good price too (did I mention the price?! 😛 ) They have a fetival



iHeartRaves are a fantastic hub for classic, tight, and shiny rave wear that would really be good for any dress-up festival, burn, or doof. You can get classic items here like high waisted bottoms, or you can kit yourself out in full festival outfits, hooded leotards, bodysuits, sequinned jackets, and more.

Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill is like, the pinnacle of dressing up in fun and funky festival outfits. Their stuff can go equally well for Halloween or other dress-up parties, or just fashionistas who want to look chic, edgy, and simply different.

Their festival stuff is funky, fierce, and fun. This California-based company will definitely fulfill all your festival needs, plus some!

Magical Wonderland Clothing

Australia-based clothing company Magical Wonderland has all the kinds of festival must-haves, all within the funky + fabulous category. Think, sheer flares, matching high-waisted sequin bottoms and tops, crazy colors, super fun belts, and even pasties. Any festival queen will definitely find something to oogle over here… take a peek!

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Wild Thing

Wild Thing is a total hub for funky festival outfits. You can get everything weird and wonderful here, with heaps of sequins, colors, jewels, gems, and creative fun. A girl kitted out in Wild Thing would look like a total festival queen no matter what she ordered, so make sure to check them out before this season gets away from us!

December 4, 2018

This is Why Music Festivals are Actually the Perfect Parents’ Getaway

This is Why Music Festivals are Actually the Perfect Parents’ Getaway

Every parent has said it: We need some time away from our children. As a mom of three boys under the age of seven, I mean it in the most endearing way. In society today, we’re either implored for encouraging kids to have a sleep over, or shamed because every waking second should be spent with them.

Not only is it a perk for partners to take a break but children too can reap the rewards by gaining more independence and freedom. My husband and I proudly take advantage of kid-less weekends and to avoid the guilt of saying, “I wish the boys were here to see this”, we like to be unorthodox in our choosing. Sure, a dinner and movie can be fun, but I also find myself wondering what that movie was about months later or trying hard to stay awake.

During our most recent adult adventure, we decided to visit a weekend music festival in Rothbury Michigan called, Electric Forest with friends. I know what you’re thinking: I’m too old, it’s too loud and I barely know a few artists performing.

But, the beauty of these festivals is that you don’t realize how life changing they are until you experience one. There’s more to it than dance parties with young adults and tiny glittered outfits. Here’s how your relationship with your children and home life can benefit from a music festival getaway:


electrice forest to write love on her arms


Often the motto at festivals, Electric Forest promotes joining together as strangers but leaving as a family. E.F gathers all attendees by hosting classes such as Yoga, Dance and Crafts. There is no wrong way, no judging of clothing, no shame. The fear of not wearing makeup just to run into the store is diminished. Pajamas are admired as regular day time attire! Not only do most music festivals encourage being raw in your own skin, they advocate it through growth experiences.

My favorite was The Barrier Project titled, To Write Love On Her Arms. Where one can take a break from day to day life. For parents with children, try to recognize the relief that can be brought by this involvement. To emotionally unload ones’ burdens of school, bullies, income, bills, weight, looks or wonder if we’re being the best we can be.

Writing one word on the wall opened the door to remind us we are not alone in our struggles. We embraced this beginning with our friend Patrick, which also shed light more personally into the lives we surround ourselves with daily. Lives can be so hectic we often forget to check in with the people closest to us. The sentiments we shared with our friend promoted a closer relationship going forward. The Barrier Project was emotionally moving and a rad way to start the weekend.

I must admit, the first day was difficult. We did speak to our children, face time, text, etc. As much as they missed us, they were having their own type of breakthrough. Being unconstrained, feeling the rush of staying up past bedtime while STILL eating cookies (Thanks, grandma!) and the best part, creating memories that will help shape them into better humans. What I cherish the most about my boys spending time with our parents are the nostalgic games or routines that I once enjoyed, being put into place in their heart. After we remembered that, we gave them space for the rest of the weekend. Once we truly let go and enjoyed the surroundings, our mind, body and spirit were rejuvenated.


I’m what some may call, an introvert. Masked by a desire to have fun and a really loud voice, I tend to stray from meeting new people as my life feels busy enough already to keep up with. My plan was to relax, take advantage of endless Yoga classes and remember what it was like to fall asleep in a hammock for hours. Most people will be reading this and think, “I can do all of that at home. Why pay money to camp out and do it”?

The answer is simple: THE PEOPLE. I love my family and friends. They are chosen carefully as not to be toxic and are “my people”. The ease of procuring new friends is endless, even if you don’t have the courage to do it. From waiting for coffee or bumping into each other while dancing, we met others from all walks of life. They were marvelous and still our friends today! I left the music festival with a new openness for society, which in turn will be bestowed to our children.

Lastly, the music.

Most music festivals all foster a headliner known for their wildly deafening bass and outrageous special effects. Maybe that’s not your style and you’re more low-key. Music Festivals cater to you too. We walked into this adventure hearing of two bands and walked out with an entire playlist of jam bands. Hidden between the trees, under fluorescent lights, through mind-boggling artistic displays, I guarantee no concert will ever compare.

We easily went a full day not hearing one house DJ or stentorian artist. Instead, we rode the Ferris Wheel, marbleized our arms, listened to the most incredible violinist and ate donuts until we wanted to explode (without having to share our last bite with anyone else!)

The next time you want to visit the beach or sit in the mountains again, I challenge you to put all fears aside, break down your own wall and attend a festival. To participate in a music festival is to experience love made tangible.

Thanks for this amazing article and fresh perspective, Gina! All photos are credit of Gina also. 


Gina is the mother of three boys (ages seven and under) and lives in South Florida. After being a stay at home mom, she recently re-joined the workforce and thrives from taking unique trips to see the beauty in others and the world. Gina loves adding educational components to their crafting sessions and encourages her children to use their imaginations and enjoy the outdoors every day. 

Have you ever thought of a music festival as the perfect parents' getaway from a busy house for the weekend? They don't always have to be a crazy party - they are a place of incredible love, expression, art, food, and togetherness.

October 2, 2018

My Budget Burning Man Costumes: Garage Sales, Hand Made + Amazon

My Budget Burning Man Costumes: Garage Sales, Hand Made + Amazon

Burning Man costumes are notorious for being indulgent, elaborate, slightly excessive, occasionally gaudy, and ALWAYS expensive…. that is, except for mine (although they were still all of those other words, and more).

Although constantly tempted by the gorgeous $700 light-up fur jackets, $100 mesh and sequin bodysuits, $200 buckle platform boots, and all other generally awesome Burning Man-esque items I see being sold at festivals everywhere, I had to (pretty much physically) restrain myself from spending thousands on costumes for Burning Man.

And let me tell you, it’s a lot harder than it seems. The fact that most things you could ever want are available at your fingertips via online shopping, combined with WAY too many awesome and silly outfit ideas, comes a perfect concoction for accidentally dropping a couple grand to look awesome out on the playa. But, it does not have to be that way!

I was on a bit of a budget, so I was determined to thrift my heart away and repurpose old things to make epic Burning Man costumes for my first Burn this year. To be totally exact and put all cards on the table, all my Burning Man costumes were things I have accumulated from garage sales over the years, old costumes/rags/random stuff in my house I repurposed or retrieved from the ends of drawers, or items from Amazon I used to make up my final necessities (all linked below – I am guilty of online shoppping  too!).

Burning Man Costumes on a budget - how all my Burning Man outfits were from garage sales, hand-made, or from Amazon, with Burning man outfit tips for you too!

My Garage Sale Addiction – Turned – Burning Man Fever

Let me start from the beginning. My mum and I are die-hard garage salers, getting up early each weekend to peruse the unwanted leftovers of many residents in our area of South Orange County to find our own treasure. And let me tell you – we do. I’ll give most of the credit to my mom on this one, but you best believe that she/we are frequenting the ‘fill a bag for $5’ sales, lapping up the last deals of interesting estate sales, and perusing through piles and piles of clothes strewn across driveway after driveway on brisk Saturday mornings.

I have known that I wanted to go to Burning Man, well, basically forever. And by forever, I mean at least 5-6 years, if not more, and was more serious about it in the last 4. Because of overseas work I had for the past 4 summers, I was unable to get back to the states in time for Burning Man. But this doesn’t mean that I wasn’t undoubtedly sure that I would end up there soon, and began more closely analyzing typical Burning Man fashion, keeping my eyes out in shops, and garage saling like a maniac whenever I was home in California.

I am already a very avid festival-goer, so while accumulating festival outfits during these years, I slowly began accumulating things I deemed more ‘burner-y.’ I feel like I had been shopping for Burning Man for three damn years by the time the even actually came… but, you best believe I was ready!

I finally planned my life around being home for Burning Man this year, and found a ticket. This was basically the moment my years of garage sales had culminated to! During the week before the Burn, I went wild with scissors, sewing kits, and hot glue guns, and let my creativity flow like it never had before.

But before I show you the results, I’ll break down a female burning man costume into the parts that I have found it to generally consist of. Now remember that you can wear absolutely anything at Burning Man (radical self-expression, duh – read more about the ten principles here and about Burning Man here), but this is what I find the general trend of BM fashion to be, the way it has come to exist today.

burner girls burning man female costumes group playa


Components of Female Burning Man Costumes, According to Me:

Head: Goggles, extremely large or elaborate headpiece of any kind, bedazzled or decorated pilot hat or top hat, colorful wig, etc.

Hair: Braids. 2+ french braids, often with colorful fabric, yarn, or hair braided into it. Alternatively many girls get their entire head done with small colorful braids (it is hard/impossible to wash hair, and playa dust gives you dreads).

Face: sunglasses, tribal paint, well-stuck gems or glitter, flash tattoos

Neck: Goggles (on neck or head) bandana/breathing mask for storms, extremely chunky jewelry

Body: Basically as little as possible 😛 High waisted swim bottoms/underwear/lingerie, one-piece swimsuits/bodysuits, pasties, glorified bra or bralette-type items, especially if they’re made of chains, beads, gems, or sequins

Around Body: Anything and everything flowy, wavy, and shiny. Parasols, fans, etc as well.

Arms: Long gloves (mesh/shiny/leather), flash tattoos or body paint

Waist/back: Utility belt, fanny pack, backpack for storage

Legs: tights (patterned, fishnet, etc), long socks, long mesh stockings

Feet: The chunkiest boots/platforms possible, combat boots, lace-up boots, anything excessive

Basically, I have concluded that, at Burning Man, you wear as much as possible on your extremities (crazy headdress, massive goggles, huge boots, gloves) and as little as possible on the inside (bikini and pasties). It’s pretty hilarious, really, but it is what it is. At least the chunky boots and gloves help against the dust, and the bikini is great in the heat (See, they do serve some kind of purpose)!

My Burning Man Costumes

I didn’t come across any super fancy boots or particularly sexy lingerie like a lot of those Burner babes out there, but I did what I could. Here is how I looked each day with a total breakdown of each piece of my outfit, suited for burners on a budget, crafty thrifters, and creative minds, and even some of you Amazon-Prime-a-holics out there!

Burning Man Costume 1: Chanelling my inner Egyptian Princess… or something like that

female burning man costumes


burning man costumes


So I hardly took any photos on this day unfortunely… probably because it wasn’t my BEST costume, but it was fun nonetheless (and I look silly but what’s new). Let’s break it down:

Feather headdress: I made this one from my winter formal queen tiara from high school (found at the back of my closet), and feathers from a super-extra showgirl hat that I found at the estate sale of a theater performer. The long feathers were stuck in a sutan-type hat, but I plucked them out, made sure they were sturdy (not moop-y!), and hot glued them to a piece of card that I glued to the tiara. Viola!

Cleopatra Necklace: Garage Sale

Tie-Dye Goggles: Amazon! They also apparently glow in the dark. Find them here

 Gold Velvet Leotard: Zaful – ordered off this cheap fashion website for another festival and found it better used here! See it here

Leather Utility Waist Pack: Amazon – my favorite purchase. Similar to this one here.

Fishnet Fingerless Gloves: Amazon – I got a pack of 6 colors. Get them here.

Gold Waist Chain: this one was from a random mall stand 4-5 years ago. Still kickin’!

Lace-up Boots – Found at a garage sale for $15, and they’re Steve Madden. Yes, please!

Thigh-high white stockings: Amazon – $6. See them here. 

Burning Man Costume 2:  Steampunk Ring Leader-esque type situation

steampunk burning man outfit

door to another dimension burning man

burning man costumes female steampunk

burning man steampunk outfit

Top hat: From my costume trunk; probably part of a costume when I was in middle school 😛

Goggles: Again, Amazon! Find them here

Sunglasses: I honestly don’t remember, but they’re kinda like these on Amazon

Bandana: Somewhere in my closet

Unicorn Necklace: a BM gift 🙂

Black plain bathing suit top: Garage sale

Chain-link black belt/top/whatever you want it to be: Garage sale

Red Sequin Suspenders: From a childhood costume, somewhere in the costume trunk

Black fishnet fingerless glove: Same 6-pack of gloves from above! Get them here.

Black rhinestone fanny pack: Have had it for years and it has been with me through dozens of countries and festivals! I think I got it from a random store in New York, years ago. This one is fairly similar, though.

Red tutu: Garage sale!

Red fishnets: bottom of my costume drawer, probably from my high school days (sometimes, not getting rid of things can come in handy!)

Black fur snow boots: Garage sale, $10. Columbia brand 🙂 SUCH a steal – they feel like you’re walking on a tempur-pedic mattress, and the space-like design goes perfectly on the playa!

Burning Man Costume 3: Jungle Kween

burning man girls outfit costume creative self expression

burner girls burning man costume budget


Flower Headdress: I had this inredibly tangled fishing string of fake flowers sitting in my garage for years from a college sorority event. It was beyond hope of being untangled and therefore basically useless, but before Burning Man I saw it with totally new eyes! I used a piece of thick wire I got from Michael’s and wrapped the tangled flowers around it, gluing them in places so it would sit properly. I added in a battery-powered string of lights from Amazon, and viola!

Flash Tattoo – I found some flash tattoos at a garage sale in the week leading up to Burning Man, and bought a set on Amazon too. I gave them out as gifts – but I kept this badass eye for myself 😉

Blue Braids – I got my hair braided at the “Bitchin Braid Camp” at the burn! Thanks to those lovely ladies for helping me tame my dreads! 😛

Silky Zebra Bandana – garage sale, years ago, plucked from the closet

Chunky Necklace – bought by my grandmother in Thailand 🙂

Green Two-Piece suspender set – Bought on Zaful – check it out here

Leopard trailing pieces/cape thing (whatever you want to call it!) – I cut long strips out of a leopard scarf I bought in South Africa for Afrikaburn (see the profile picture on my instagram). I tied them in varying lengths to the suspender straps of my two-piece suit above, and it turned out looking like this! Everything is more fun with something flowy behind you, especially at the burn 😛

Colorful tights – garage sale (everyone said it looked like I was bruised – but I was going more for the jungle look :P)

Lace-up Boots – again, garage sale steal.

Burning Man Costume #4: Burner Starship Commander Girl

burner girls burning man costumes female flowy cape captain hat

burning man fashion girls

burning man cape hat costume

Captain Hat: My dad’s old American Airlines pilot hat! He said he doesn’t mind if I bedazzle it, but I wanted to keep it OG for this burn 😛

Furry blue goggles: Got them in Cape Town before Afrikaburn last year. They’re just like these.

Shiny face glitter: garage sale (the same sale I got the feathers in my first outfit and the headpiece in the next – it was a good one!)

Shoulder/Collar/Cape Piece: This one was a doozy… let me try and explain the randomness that went on to create this… I hope it makes some sort of sense!

So, I took some extra old shoulder pads I had laying around, and sewed/glued two and two together, layered a little bit so the lower one stuck out a bit more. I found an old silver belt from a garage sale and cut it up into strips of silver. I also found an old velvet collar in my costume trunk from a cat costume when I was probably about 8.

I sewed the silver belt to the shoulder pads on each side, and also to the cat collar so that I could fasten the collar around my neck and the silver belt would stretch out across my shoulder and reach the shoulder pads.

To keep the shoulder pads in place, we (my mum + I – she was the best to help me make outfits!) ended up cutting some strips out of old tights (to form like a tube), and sewing one along each bottom seam of the shoulder pads so that I could put my arms through them and keep the shoulder pads (er… suit of armor) upright.

Next, we found a double layered blue flowy skirt that we got from a garage sale, and carefully cut it along the seams to make two even-sized pieces containing a strip of chiffon and a strip of the heavier bottom layer, connected at the top seam. I bunched them up a little bit and sewed one on each side between the two shoulder pads.

Lastly, I found mardi gras beads from garage sales/costume trunk, and sewed strips onto the end of the shoulder pads so they would look sort of like commander armor/pads. I sewed the last bits of the silver belt onto the top of the shoulder pads, and I had myself a weird, wonderful, strange, random, and awesome little outfit piece!! I wish I got closer up photos of it – it was super cool. Maybe I’ll have to wear it again!

Shiny silver gloves – Amazon! These are them.

Black bralette top – garage sale, believe it or not.

Black + Silver Belt – my senior winter formal belt from high school.

High waisted velvet bottoms – honestly a pair of old women’s size large underwear from Ross. I got a two-pack for about $8, and somehow they are absolutely perfect festival wear!

High black sheer socks – found at the bottom of the sock drawer

Fur boots – again, garage sale steal.

Burning Man Costume #5: Mermaid Goddess

mermaid burning man costumes girls wig cape

747 airplane burning man costumes girls

burning man bikes burner girls outfits


Strange white sequin headdress with asymmetrical pearls – GARAGE SALE! This was from the estate sale of a theater performer who had made this by hand. Pretty incredible.

Red/Pink Wig – leftover from a costume in college. No idea how it still fell properly.

Pink Reflective Sunglassesthese here from Amazon

Mermaid Cape – repurposed little girls’ little mermaid costume/dress from a garage sale.

The cape used to be a dress with sleeves and a mermaid tail. But, I cut the sleeves off, sewed it up, fastened velcro to the purple sequin bit that would go across the chest, and put it around my neck. The rest of the dress and mermaid tail then fell behind me as a perfect mermaid cape!

Shell Flash tattoo – garage sale

Shell Bra – very proudly made myself using shells collected on my travels hot glued to an old pink bra!

Pink high-waisted wetsuit bottoms – found by mum at a garage sale!

Red + Pink Garter – borrowed from a friend at camp to help keep my stockings up, and ended up adding greatly to the outfit!

White High Stockings: Again, Amazon – $6. See them here. 

Boots: Same as the past few days – garage sale find.

‘Bubbles’ Umbrella – I bought a ton of white balloons at Michael’s and wired them to my umbrella to look like the mermaid’s undersea bubbles. It was a great prop, and the balloons did not fall off due to the wiring!

Night Time Burning Man Costumes/Extra Thrifty Goodness


Although I was there 7 days, the rest of my Burning Man costumes were mostly comprised of other epic, crazy patterned, usually-an-old-grandma’s clothing items. I didn’t get many photos apart from these 5 days, but I have a few final tips + stories to leave you with:

MASSIVE fur coat – found about 4 years ago at a garage sale for $10. Always knew Burning Man would be JUST the place 😉

Little leather multi-pocketed backpack – garage sale

Scuba Mark + Snorkel – this was a funny idea I had before Burning Man to actually use scuba goggles as my Burning Man goggles and to keep the snorkel attached for comedic/ironic effect (given the depths of the music, the desert, etc…).

People greatly enjoyed when I would come swimming up to them on the dance floors or randomly breathe out of my snorkel. It was hilarious and added to the best kind of weirdness that is Burning Man. But the next day, I received one of the highest compliments of my whole week.

Someone turned to me and said, “You know what, I really thought I had seen it all at Burning Man over the years. I’ve seen the strangest shit, the weirdest costumes, and honestly just about everything you could imagine. But this is honestly the first time I have seen someone with a snorkel and scuba mask, and it’s hilarious. I love it.”

It basically made my entire day to be told I was the first person at Burning Man to do something weird, and I will treasure it for the rest of time! 😛 So basically this means you can steal all my ideas except for this one – I consider it my trademark and will carry it out each and every year.

Well, that’s all for now! As I edit more photos from the week I’ll add some extra tips for Burning Man costumes. Make sure to keep an eye out on my Facebook Page for my Burning Man album coming out very soon.


October 1, 2018

Transformational Music Festivals in South & Central America to Add to Your Bucket List

Transformational Music Festivals in South & Central America to Add to Your Bucket List

Transformational music festivals in South & Central America have not caught on as much as some places in the world, but they are definitely on their way. If you’re new to the term, transformational festivals are music festivals that focus on much more that music – they focus on all possible outlets of creativity, expression, and education.

They will often have different seminars and workshops throughout the festival about topics from sustainability and permaculture to mindfulness and culture, and usually have yoga and meditation type classes as well. Many will have different kinds of activities like slack lining or hiking, have different kinds of art classes and installations, and community building practices encouraging health and social responsibility. And, all this goes along with often amazing music, as well! If you enjoy traveling around for music festivals, you will enjoy these.

Transformational Festivals in Central America

Envision Festival, Costa Rica

Where: Punta Mona, Costa Rica

When: Last week of February

Envision Festival can be seen as at the forefront of transformational festival culture in the area, and is definitely the most well known and coveted festival in Central America. There are eight pillars of envision which they say encompass what they stand for as a gathering, and these pillars are music, movement, art, bio-construction, health, community, permaculture, and spirituality. The combination of all these is transformative at its core! They explore many mindful and sustainable practices along with healing techniques, and focus on cultivating a community of like-minded people to connect on a deeper level.

This year they are also holding a permaculture design course the week before the festival for a group to expand their knowledge on farming, food, and sustainability practices from one of the most biodiverse farms in the world! Envision is truly more than a festival – it’s an entire experience to elevate the body and mind.


Cosmic Convergence, Guatemala

Where: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

When: Over the New Year

With a strong focus on ancient Mayan culture and consciousness transformation, Cosmic Convergence brings in the New Year with an array or music and learning opportunities. Expect sustainability activities, art installations, all kinds of workshops and talks, a breathtaking setting, and of course amazing music with this Guatemalan transformational festival.


Singing Alive (Cantando La Vida), Costa Rica

Where: Finca Amrta, Costa Rica

When: late January

Singinga Alive is a gathering dedicated to song circles that actually takes place in  five different locations in North America. These regional song events are dedicated to the healing and nurturing power of multi-cultural song , and use singing, prayers, chants meditations, and different forms of togetherness to awaken spiritual life. They will involve healthy eating, yoga, plant walks, and more in a fully participatory environment to connect with others.


Tribal Gathering, Panama

Where: North Caribbean coast of Panama

When: 18 Days Late Mar-Mid Feb

Tribal Gathering is 18 days of music, workshops, wellness, and art from over 60 tribes from 30 countries around the world sharing their knowledge and local perspectives. That’s right, is really is a tribal gathering in that they bring in that many different tribes together in one place (the largest tribal gathering in the world) to enrich each other through sharing of culture, music, and more. How cool is that?! Some of the workshops they list on their website are: bioconstruction, tribal skill exchange, yoga, botany, shamanism, storytelling, local marine ecology, local foods, traditional instruments, carving, weaving, tribal painting, sustainable agro forestry, medidation, cocoa and chocolate making, and more!

Tribal gathering is put on by GeoParadise, a charity organization dedicated to preserving native communities around the world. Tribal Gathering is the annual gathering of such tribes to come together in a sort of modern ritual and sharing of indigenous customs. The last five days are an electronic music festival, and the weeks leading up to it are focused on tribal presentations of all different kinds!



Ometeotl Festival, Mexico

Where: South of Mexico City, Morelos State

When: Last week of March

For this one I am just going to straight quote (a translation of) their website because I love what it says so much. Here is a screen shot below:

transformational festival in mexico ometeotl transformational music festivals in South & Central America


As you can see the festival is named after a sacred god within Mexican culture and encourages all to come together to celebrate culture and ‘elevate the spirit of humanity’ through music, art, and workshops. They actually begin the festival by lighting a sacred fire which burns throughout the gathering. The lineup is generally pretty good as well!

Ometeotl Facebook Page / Website (not current)


Transformational Festivals in South America



Fuego Austral, Argentina

Where: outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina

When: End of March/Beginning of April

Fuego Austral is Argentina’s regional burning man event, and is held every February. This means that it takes a transformational festival to the next level and upholds the ten principles of a burn through the event. It is a temporary city based upon these principles, and freedom, art, and being whoever you would like to be. This means – theres no form of money, everyone comes with a camp with all their food and drink for the week, and art installations, participation, all forms of creation, music, gifting, radical expression, immediacy, and all that good stuff are encouraged! If you are a transformational festival lover like me I really would recommend experiencing at least one burn in your life- it truly is life-changing to live in such a way for a week!




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Festival Nomade, Chile

Where: Southern Chilean Coast – Nearest to Osorno

When: second week of February

Festival Nomade is an incredibly unique weeklong gathering in southern Chile that begins with a 10km hike to the festival site. Whoever wishes to participate can meet to drive to the hiking point and hike through an ancient jungle to begin the experience with supreme connection to nature. The first three days of the festival focus on creating a sense of community between participants (not attendees 😉 ) and local tribes, helping one another to complete infrastructure, set up the site, and learn about local culture by interacting with and visiting the homes of local tribes.

On the fourth day music and celebration begins, with the people who you have already become close to. Expect yoga, meditation, vinyasa, surfing, slacklining, hiking, sustainability talks, workshops, and storytelling, all amongst music and new friends.




Mundo De Oz Festival, Brazil

Where: Sao Paolo, Brazil

When: Last Week of April

Its tagline says (In Portuguese, of course) “an experience of art, culture, ecology, and music,” and I don’t think many taglines scream ‘transformational festival’ more than that! Mundo de Oz creates a space of education, creativity, and performance where each and every human being is valued to their core. There are spaces for: Children, ecology, social/environmental action, consciousness, and much more, and it sounds like it would be a truly transformative experience. Oh, and the photo above is actually a stage!


Universo Parallelo Festival, Brazil

Where: Outside of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

When: 8 Days over New Year

Universo Parallelo may be Brazil’s most famous transformational festival in its 14th year. It’s held on the beach/jungle of the coast of Bahia, and is home to 10 days of camping and 8 days of music. You will also find family areas, different kinds of performances, lots of art and culture, and a beautiful and colorful setup. Next New Year, I’m Looking at you!

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Pulsar Festival, Brazil

Where: Minas Gerais, Southeast Brazil (Between Sao Paolo and Salvador)

When: End of May May-June

Pulse festival is going into its fourth year, and it invites guests back to another amazing experience of art, culture, and sustainability, or ‘psychedelic music, connecting to nature, and breaking paradigms.’ Situated at an amazing site next to a massive waterfall, the perfect scene is presented to listen to amazing music and also learn about their many different causes such as sustainability, permaculture, amazing FOOD, performances, and workshops.

That’s all for now, folks, but you best believe I will be continuing my research and adding many more festivals to this list! If you know of any more festivals that would fit well into this post, PLEASR leave a comment and let me know! I want to discover all the possibilities so that one day I can experience them all (and stay forever in an ideal fairytale festival world, because it’s way better there, right?!).

Save this list for later and Pin it to your Pinterest Boards to stay up to date with any new ones I discover!

Transformational Music Festivals in South and Central America to add to your bucket list! Transformational festivals include music, art, culture, workshops, yoga, sustainability, ecology, health and much more to transform yourself as you experience it.


January 14, 2018

20 Transformational Festivals in Australia to Add to Your Bucket List

20 Transformational Festivals in Australia to Add to Your Bucket List

Some may call transformational festivals in Australia ‘bush doofs,’ or maybe a bush doof is a subsection of the transformational festival category. But one thing that’s for sure is that Australia throws one hell of a transformational festival, and they’re the only ones who may call them a bush doof. That was a tongue twister. 😛

Trasnsformational festivals are defined in that they have much more than just a lineup of music – they have art, they have yoga, they have seminars, workshops, smaller shows, and more. At a transformational festival, you are not an attendee, but a participant! They often promote certain values to uphold, sustainable living, healthy lifestyles, and personal growth and ‘transformation’ as a whole. They will often be rather psychedelic in their artforms, deep in their music, and open-minded in their attendees. They may not have all of these things, but any of a few would define a festival as transformational.

On the same note, having all of these things out in the middle of the Australian bush (read: the middle of nowhere) would classify it as a bush doof. They are often psytrance festivals, but have increasingly been including much more house, techno, live music, and other genres as well.

Australia has been at the forefront of this type of festival, throwing them in many different states and many different sizes. If you are a festival junkie, bush doofer, or burner like me, here are some to add to your bucket list, this season or any year to come!

But Before You Read All About Bush Doofs, See If Any More Festival Articles Interest You (open in a new tab!)

Transformational FEstivals in Australia to add to your bucket list - bush doofs, music + art festivals, psytrance gatherings, and more! All community-based, focused on sustainability, workshops, art, and mindfulness as well as music, and good vibes only!

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Transformational Festivals in Australia

Lost Paradise

Lost Paradise takes place over New Years in New South Wales. It boasts an incredible and varied genre lineup across multiple stages, and lots of extras as well! You can check out the eccentric and artsy beach club, adventure activities like horse riding and abseiling, games like bingo, amazing food experiences and vendors, and a massive setup of well-being at their ‘Shambhala Fields.’ I’m talking yoga, astrology, massage, workshops, talks, and very special speakers and humans sharing their gifts. They even have a few burning man-esque theme camps this year! If I could do one thing for New Years in New South Wales, this would be it.

Rainbow Serpent

This is the mother of all bush doofs, the funkiest festival of the bush, and one of the iconic transformational festivals in Australia. Rainbow Serpent really does have it all when it comes to transformational festivals. All possible kinds of art and expression are practiced here – installations, stages, VJ’s, and artists from all over the world.

They practice sustainability and plant new trees on the festival site each year. They have over a kilometer of vendors and stalls offering all kinds of conscious crafts and healthy eats. They have lots of camping options and are big on safety, being friendly to the environment, and wellness.

As the festival draws its name from an Aboriginal legend, the festival works with local tribes to teach and appreciate aboriginal culture. In ‘The Village’ you can find all sorts of yoga, speakers, workshops, panels, performances, and activities involving art, film, sound, meditation, you name it! It’s not a surprise at all that this festival sells out consistently and quickly.

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Strawberry Fields

This may be the first doof of the season, coming in mid-November in a place known as ‘the Wildlands’ in Victoria. Attendees can explore the serene bushland or even swim in the cooling Murray River. Strawberry Fields harbors multiple music stages, each with their own vibe and general genre, which are scattered amongst tall trees on a dusty and beautiful river bank. See my Strawberry Fields photo album here! 

They push the boundaries with amazing stage design, art installations, amazing performances such as fire spinning, aerialists, and stilt walking, and have workshops, healing, and art classes as well! Strawberry is often seen as the ‘introductory doof’ for people who have just joined the scene and is a perfect way to start the festival season. It’s one of the best known and most popular transformational festivals/ bush doofs in Australia and it’s a must-do if you are around. Click the link below to read my in-depth review guide all about Strawberry, or “Strawbs” as it is called.

Website + Tickets  or Read my Review-Guide Here! (I went for the first time in 2018!)

Pitch Music + Arts Festival

Pitch is the perfect example of a new festival done right. It started this year in 2017 and is already looking great for its second edition in 2018 at the foot of the Grampians in Victoria. A brief browse of their incredibly eloquent and minimalistic website will give you an idea of what is to come this year – they hold just enough back to keep you yearning for more! Pitch Music + Arts will bring in the top-of-the-line in house and techno, as well as amazing art.

You can find a variety of camping and ride share information on their website, as well as a few mixes done by talented dj’s leading up to this festival. You can expect a meticulously organized lineup, amazing art, and a selection of vendors and stalls to keep anyone interested.


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Rabbits Eat Lettuce

‘REL’ is Byron’s edition of the transformational festival, along with Bohemian Beatfreaks (below)! As their slogan goes, this festival is a ‘place of freedom, love, and dance music’ and boasts the tag line ‘we can dissolve barriers and dance together.” Isn’t that just beautiful? That’s part of the reason I adore festivals in the first place!

Located in a beautiful grassy valley at the foot of sandstone cliffs inland of Byron Bay, the environment is perfect for a festival community to be created. Rabbits Eat Lettuce encourages funky dress, positivity, leaving no trace, and departing from the real world just for a few short amazing festival days.

Here, of course, you will also find amazing art, design, and workshops each day to help expand your perspective.

Bohemian Beatfreaks

Bohemian Beatfreaks is a bush doof run by the same people as Rabbits Eat Lettuce, and you can expect some of the same awesomeness… including the same venue! This party kicks off the festival season in November, while REL closes it off on Easter weekend.

Bohemian Beatfreaks has fun dress-up themes throughout, and has yoga, tie dye, massages, circus, theatres/plays, music production workshops, a massive market village and more!

Transformational FEstivals in Australia to add to your bucket list - bush doofs, music + art festivals, psytrance gatherings, and more! All community-based, focused on sustainability, workshops, art, and mindfulness as well as music, and good vibes only!

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Earth Core is a classic Aussie Transformational Festival which has a full three day edition in Victoria and one day events in WA, NSW, and QLD with the same awesome vibes. They consider themselves the original bush doof, having started a few dozen years ago! This festival has almost too extensive of an experience to try and list, but I’m going to try.

Some of their culture and experiences are the ‘bazaar of earthly desires,’ a kids zone, healing, physical, spirit, and wisdom exchanges, all sorts of sustainability and safety programs, markets, recycling and eco projects, cinema, comedy, face painting and hair styling, and all kinds of art and creativity!

Earthcore has been going through  some rough times in the past few years, and has had their most recent edition cancelled much to the dismay of many lovers of psytrance festivals. We hope it will be able to come back soon!

Maitreya + Yemeya Festivals

These amazing doofs unfortunately lost their permits/had their permits denied to hold the festivals in the past few years, but there are rumors and hopes that they will continue sometime in the future! Yemeya is in constant dealings with councils and promises to fight for next year. Keep your eyes out for them in the future.

Beyond the Valley

Beyond the Valley is another music + arts festival over New Years, in Victoria. This one has an outstanding lineup that caters a bit more to a mainstream crowd, but has all the art installations, yoga classes, and boutique bars and eateries that make it transformational as well.

It’s a fully awesome camping weekend with all sorts of options available, and a range of genres that will have something for everyone. It is put on my Tripsle J as well as Untitled Group, and has some widely-known Aussie artists as well as some deeper house and techno dj’s. It’s one of the best options out there for New Year’s lineup-wise, so get on it!

Earth Frequency Festival

Earth Frequency brands itself as a ‘music, arts, lifestyle, and environmental festival’ which encourages ‘arts, education, healing and community spirit.’ If that isn’t exactly what a bush doof/transformational festival is about, then I don’t know what is!

EFF focuses on art, creativity, sustainability, family values, respect, and community, and you can expect a wide range of amazing performances, artists, music, vendors, and installations to peruse while you are there. This one is held in south Queensland in February, so get on your tickets now!

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Splendour in the Grass

Splendour is one of Australia’s most famous music festivals, and it can quite marginally be considered as transformational, but it qualifies just the same. Along with an absolutely stacked lineup of international artists, Splendour in the Grass has a 600 acre art space with projects, live art and installations, and performances from internationally renowned artists. I’m not just talking big sculptures, I’m talking interactive, walk-through and participatory art experiences!

At Splendour, you can also except top-of-the-line food and vendors – you can never go hungry here!  If you aren’t busy watching the many world famous music artists you can also find some interesting presentations and experiences at the science tent, get a laugh at the comedy club, listen to speakers of all kinds at the forum, do some yoga at the bohemian lounge, get some zen at the world stage or healing sancturary, or groove at the silent disco!

Falls Music + Arts Festival

If you know festivals in Australia, you definitely know Falls. Falls is somewhat taking over the scene with its many locations and amazing lineups. Falls now has four locations and consistently sells out very quickly. Falls is definitely more mainstream and not a classic Australian bush doof, but it had to be included in this list due to its extra focus on art and sustainability.

Make a visit to the Village at Falls and take part in yoga, dance classes, circus instruction, comedy, burlesque, and more!

Babylon Festival

Babylon is *gasp* another absolutely incredible doof in Victoria (Victoria really does them well, doesn’t it?!) Located in the deep bush of Victoria, Babylon is a haven for house + techno lovers an always boasts a stacked lineup of international and domestic talent.

As part of the all-encompassing Babylon experience you’ll find top notch art, performances and interactive installations, some of which road around the festival grounds for maximum enjoyment. Talented artists from all over the place come to exhibit their creations at Babylon, some of them creating live art as well. You can choose to camp or stay in a guarded and lush Alpha camping haven; Either way the festival pays tribute to the aboriginal tribes who have leased them the land.

Blazing Swan

Blazing Swan is actually a regional burn, an event contingent upon the ten principles of Burning Man, in WA’s wheat belt bush countryside. These events are not classic festivals whatsoever, but would definitely be considered transformational! Anyone who heads out to the bush for a regional burn can expect to bring everything with them that they will need for the week, and be prepared to cocreate an event totally put on by its participants!

Expect homemade mutant vehicles, spur-of-the-moment yoga and meditation sessions, theme camps and home made stages, amazing art, and great costumes. Make sure to leave to trace and participate as much as possible!

Burning Seed

Burning Seed is also a regional burn contingent upon the ten principles of Burning Man. It’s held in New South Wales and, like Blazing Swan, is totally based upon a gifting economy, theme camps, redical self expression, leaving no trace, a cashless economy, and all that good burn stuff. It’s located in a lakeside countryside and sounds amazing.

Subsonic Music Festival

Another classic doof, Subsonic holds it down for NSW amongst the other transformational festivals in Australia. The festival is a branch of the Subsonic music label, and brings in awesome music of all genres to impress attendees.

Expect artists, galleries, installations, family areas, healing centers, and all the good stuff.

Esoteric Festival

Esoteric is a very small sized, new-ish, psychedelic bush doof that is a bit more niche than a lot of the festivals on this list. They started up in 2017, grew a ton in 2018, and now have a very loyal and committed following of doofers who pledge to return each and every year. Esoteric is known for having an extremely open community vibe, perhaps even more than some other festivals on this list, and an inclusive and loving environment.

You can expect live art, amazing sculptures and installations, interactive experiences, and lots of workshops to learn new instruments, reflect, move, and learn. Esoteric is one of the bush doofs that plays primarily psytrance, with some variety too.

Meredith Music Festival

This festival has been going for a whopping TWENTY-SEVEN years within the gumtrees west of Melbourne. These people know what they are doing, if they didn’t before, definitely by now!

Here they value watching the sunset, playing sports in the sunshine, classes, inspiration, and more. I think a quote from their website does a much better job of explaining than I ever could, so I’ll leave you with that.

“Music, nature, nonsense, humanity at its most wonderful, wild times, excursions, incursions, retrospections, a retreat, a Rare Treat, a rare feat, a rare bird, Things Rarely Heard, music, nature, nonsense, wild times, etc, etc, all staged in a purpose built Underground Wonderland specifically designed for housing The Very Best of Times on an annual end-of-year basis, all run VERY smoothly with pride and affection….uh….that doesn’t even scratch the surface.”

Mushroom Valley Festival

Held in the Whitsundays, Mushroom Valley is a small three day music, arts, and lifestyle festival. They are a Leave No Trace fest that encourages reuse and sustainability, and their lineup boasts tons of workshops right alongside the musical artists.

There are amazing markets with all kinds of colorful jewelry, clothing, face painting, and more, and they are all about coming together as a community and connecting with like-minded people.Mushroom Valley, also presents another transformational festival called Happy Daze in June.


Psyfari Jamboree

After a small hiatus Psyfari Festival is back with a new edition: Psyfari Jamboree, in February in Canberra. At psyfari you can find workshops, amazing decor, all different types of musical acts, performers, and markets. Think: fire spinning, different presentations and talks,  amazing stage design, bongo drums, crazy outfits, good vibes, and amazing people!

Like many doofs, psyfari pays respects to the owners of the land to begin the festival, and works closely with indigenous culture.


Dragon Valley Festival

Held in Canberra in October, Dragon Valley is a transformational/psytrance festival in Australia that should not be missed! Here you will find performers ranging from dance groups, fire acts, and tribal circles, amazing markets, and of course a massive array or art on display throughout the festival from a lineup of talented people.

Transformational FEstivals in Australia to add to your bucket list - bush doofs, music + art festivals, psytrance gatherings, and more! All community-based, focused on sustainability, workshops, art, and mindfulness as well as music, and good vibes only!

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November 29, 2017