About Me

I’m a California-born girl turned nomad. I’ve been on the road (and blogging) since early 2015, in search of new experiences, places, cultures, jobs, lifestyles, and perspectives. My main objective is to make the most of life, and in the process, inspire others to do so as well. 

My Story

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Years on the Road

Different Jobs Worked

Festivals Attended

When my fellow UCLA graduates were jumping straight into full-time jobs, something just didn’t feel right to me. I knew there had to be more to life than climbing the corporate ladder. Being raised by a pilot father and flight attendant mother, and after a few solo Europe trips during college summers, I knew travel was something I was passionate about. So, I decided to follow it straight off the bat. 

Using my dual citizenship (USA/UK) I moved straight to London from California after I graduated from university, in search of new adventure. I figured there was no better time for such an experience than when I was young with no permanent job, house, boyfriend, pet, etc! After finding my footing, work, and friends in a totally unfamiliar city once, I was hooked and could never go back.

From London I got my first tour guiding job, leading sailing tours in Croatia. I worked this job seasonally for three summers, spending my time on the Adriatic and exploring Eastern Europe. Between summers I traveled – I spent a few months in Southeast Asia, moved to Sydney on my Working Holiday Visa, did three months of Australian farm work to extend that visa to two years, and did a two month trip through 7 countries in Africa. In 2018 I spent 5 months in South America, and spent some time in Europe and the US before moving to Melbourne for my second year Australian visa – all solo.

During all this I have been building up my blog content, learning new skills, improving my photography, working any job I could along the way, and checking out festivals all over the world. Today I’m happy to say I’m a full-time travel blogger and content creator – although I’ll never pass up an interesting experience working or exploring. Read more specifics about my life in my timeline below.

Why Adventures & Sunsets? 

When I came up with my blog’s name, I wanted something that was widely applicable and not cliche. I wanted something that would make sense anywhere in the world, and something that lots of people could relate to. 

The idea is that adventures & sunsets are something anyone can enjoy, absolutely anywhere in the world. No matter where you are – at home or on the road – you can have an adventure or make time to appreciate the sunset. 

Although I was a starry-eyed 22-year-old at the time, I think it still rings very true. Making the most of adventures and sunsets wherever you are translates into the theme of my blog, which is to make the most of every moment. And, many of my guides will include adventure activities and sunset spots.

Adventures can be defined in many ways, but for me, anything that involves getting out and exploring something new can be an adventure. It doesn’t always have to be a place you have never been, but as long as you can face the situation with an open mind and find overlooked beauty in the mundane or the everyday, well, anything can be an adventure. And life is a lot more fun if you try to make everything into one!

As far as sunsets go, I think they are one of the most beautiful natural phenomena that absolutely everyone can enjoy. You have to travel far and wide to see a lot of the world’s wonders, but sunsets can be appreciated in every corner of the earth.

Why Festivals?

I love to travel the world in search of shared human experience, and places/situations where barriers are lowered and connection is more natural. I’ve found that both the community around traveling/backpacking and music festivals in general are great places to find genuine connections with like-minded people, no matter their origin.

Since my first festivals in the early 2010’s, I’ve been hooked to the community and vibes connected to music festivals. I adore transformational festivals – the kind that have workshops, seminars, yoga, speakers, music, and certain principles to create an ethos. I’m also a huge fan of house and techno music, which I seek out wherever I travel! 😉  

I’ve met so many lifelong friends at festivals and had so many unforgettable experiences that are truly unique to the festival community. I’ve been to festivals on 6 continents and will continue to explore gatherings all over the world.

My Timeline

For those interested in more specifics about my crazy life. Click links to read more about certain locations or experiences.


  • Was born and raised in Orange Country, California.
  • First picked up a camera in middle school and used to take photos in my backyard
  • Traveled with parents on vacations throughout childhood (flight attendant mum and pilot dad)
  • Played many sports growing up
  • Also spent a few years pursuing acting as a teenager
  • Went to high school in Dana Point, California – pursued track + field as my main sport.

University Years (2010-2014)

  • Spent 3 Years as a student-athlete running Track + Field for UCLA in the heptathlon
  • Quit track, started working, and studied abroad in 2013. Spent a month studying in Italy and a month traveling. Attended my first big festivals, Coachella and Tomorrowland, this year.
  • During my final 1.5 years of uni, I worked for the Red Bull Wings Team (pictured) and as a production assistant for UCLA Sports and Pac 12 Networks. Learned skills + saved money.
  • Go my BA in Communication Studies with a Minor in Film, Television, and Digital Media.



  • Applied for and received my first year Australian Working Holiday Visa. Moved to Australia in January.
  • Spent 1 month on a bus tour of Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, and New South Wales.
  • Moved to Sydney upon arrival. Lived in Manly Beach.
  • Worked as a waitress for 5 months in Manly, also working in marketing for a local hostel.
  • Worked the European Summer guiding in Croatia and traveling in Europe.
  • Spent the last 3 months of the year doing Australian farm work to extend my 1-year visa to 2 years. Worked in a pub in a tiny town outside of Perth. Sheared a sheep and met a fox.


  • Left Australia (to save 2nd year for later) and spent some time at home in California and Kauai.
  • Went to Africa to take a 6-week overland camping tour through 7 countries – deserts, waterfalls, jungles, mountains, and incredible landscapes in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho, and South Africa.
  • Spent a few weeks in Cape Town and attending Afrikaburn
  • Spent a few weeks in Europe (Estonia, Latvia) before returning to Croatia for my third season as a tour guide.
  • Spent a few more weeks traveling and fesitval-ing in Europe before taking a break in California
  • Lived between San Francisco and Orange County for 3-4 months, blogging and saving money by driving for a rideshare company.





  • Started off the year working as a photographer for some Tulum festivals and attending Day Zero.
  • Flew back to Melbourne to save money living in Mornington before a big RTW trip with the bf, Eliot… or so we thought.
  • Flew to Bali two days before lockdown pandemis mania (March 17.. we all remember that week). Had to cancel all further travel, got ‘stuck’ in Bali, and ended up staying 9 months in Bali and writing TONS of articles about various parts of it.
  • Spent a month basically quarantined in the house in California before heading down for some jobs in Mexico in December.


  • Spent 6 months living in Mexico, working a photographers for Zamna Tulum Festival among other events and learning good things and some very bad things about Tulum. We won’t go back!
  • Traveled a bit more of Mexico before going back to California for a while, finally able to travel around. Went to a wedding, a bachelorette, national parks, did a road trip, and more unique California things.
  • Moved to Barcelona for 3 months so Eliot could do his scuba dive instructor training.
  • Visited Ibiza and road tripped France and Costa Brava. Got to know Barcelona well.
  • Traveled to Egypt once he became a certified instructor!
living in Barcelona spain park guell


  • Started off the year living in Dahab, Egypt after traveling all over Egypt
  • Traveled in Jordan and Dubai before heading back to Melbourne
  • Spent May traveling in Kerala, India and visiting Ayurveda Resorts
  • Spent the summer in Portugal, Spain, Germany, my home town, and USA for Burning Man
  • Conferences + Press Trips in Central Europe in Autumn (Czech, Graz Austria, Gdansk Poland)
  • Finished out the year in Mebourne catching up on tons of travel content!